Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos Staffs:

Director Vu Viet Phuong ACCVCL1
• Responsible for all vACC operations.
Deputy Director Pham Quoc Nam ACCVCL2
• Reports to the Director. 
• Responsible for the administration of the vACC’s Controller Roster.
• Monitoring the state of the vACC.
• Maintains Letters of Agreement (LOAs).
• Assists with development and rollout of special vACC projects.
Training Director Ngo Minh Vuong ACCVCL3
• Reports to the Director.
• Monitoring and administering the vACC’s Training Programme.
• Assigns Instructors and Mentors for training and examinations.
Operation Director TBE ACCVCL4
• Reports to the Deputy Director.
• Maintains and updates sector files according to latest available information.
• Compiles and assesses scenery and AFCAD files for use in the vACC airspace.
Events Director Truong Duc Duy An ACCVCL5
• Reports to Deputy Director.
• Planning and Coordination of vACC initiated events.
• Coordination of events initiated by neighbouring vACCs.
• Liaison to neighbouring vACCs’ and VATSIM event staff.
• Responsible for announcement of events on VATSIM and/or related websites.
Webmaster Nguyen Minh Hai ACCVCL6
• Reports to the Director.
• Maintains vACC website.
• Designs vACC website graphics.
Staff Instructors Vu Viet Phuong  
  Ngo Dac Nhat Quang  
  Ngo Minh Vuong